Quote Plugin Is Important for your WooCommerce Store

Why Request a Quote Plugin Is Important for your WooCommerce Store?

Did you know that pre-sales can accelerate your customers' conversions by 10-20%?
Now this number can add a lot of value to your WooCommerce store during your difficult times.
One of the easiest ways to implement this pre-sales feature is to make it easier for customers to bid. Having this opportunity in your company increases the likelihood of creating real sales leads. Also, it opens up a place to negotiate, especially with wholesale buyers. It can lead to more conversions and more sales.

Not all WooCommerce websites are created equal. Sometimes just the price and the add button aren't enough. B2B platforms, wholesalers and ticketing companies are quite flexible in their prices and may need to give customers the freedom to make offers.
Rightly so, unlike an average store website, WooCommerce can be used as a suggestion engine (or both can be activated at the same time if you have two different viewers).
The nice thing about WooCommerce is that you can adjust your behaviour with the push of a button!

Why WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin is Important?

There are a significant number of customers who want to negotiate a price instead of buying directly online. Sometimes customers want to explore ways to get a better deal on wholesale purchase. Or they would like to talk now to a product expert before making a decision. In all these cases, the WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin can help you a lot.
WooCommerce is looking for an offer that will allow you to communicate more effectively with your customers and increase your sales. The main goal is to enable customers to rate their products and services easily.
Smart businesses are looking for a paid add-on that allows them to quickly request a quote and automate it to help their business grow. You can competently receive information from your customers and work to improve the quality of customer service.
Compared to buying in a brick shop, buying online is zero. You can enable this with the "Request a Quote" plugin, which allows customers to submit offers for the products they want to the store administrator using clickable forms.
It will open a negotiating gateway for your customers, who will be happy to explore the possibility of buying a better deal from you. Your WooCommerce Store's RFQ options will help you improve your customer experience by interacting more with them and meeting their expectations.

How WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin works

This plugin adds all the necessary tools to your WooCommerce store for customers to request previous quotes and store owners to create and submit custom trading terms and sections in the back end. In this way, the entire bidding process is 100% integrated into the WooCommerce order flow.
The WooCommerce plugin uses WooCommerce and WordPress APIs. All WooCommerce's built-in features are used to create and manage orders, and new features are added to enable and enhance the entire RFQ process.
Versatility, depending on the configuration, can be configured in several ways to request an add-on.

Features List of WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin:

  • Build a complete citation management system
  • Show "Add Offer" for selected products
  • Show the bid button for guests and assigned user roles
  • Ability to replace "Add to Cart" with a new "Offer" or a custom button and link
  • The ability to hide the price and replace it with free text
  • Add multiple products to cite
  • Store food in both the mini basket and the mini basket
  • Set the text with the quotation mark button
  • Customize the offer fields and make them required or optional
  • Automatic email notifications for administrators and clients
  • Customize bid messages
  • Recommendation after submitting the citation form
  • Add a quote to multiple menus
  • Compatible with plugins for creating pages

Examples Where WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin help

WooCommerce's "Quote Request" extension offers a convenient way to work with certain types of customers, orders and products. Here are two examples where this plugin can be useful.

B2B Sales

B2B pricing is influenced by many factors, such as order quantities, product requirements, and delivery dates. With WooCommerce Request Price, you can hide prices and add a button to B2B customers' cart to ask for a price.

Personalized Products

Retailers may force customers to charge a price for products that do not have direct pricing and should be advertised as needed.

General Setting of the Plugin

As soon as the customer submits an offer, an automatic email notification is sent to the administrator. The email contains full information about the request, i.e. Product name, quantity and other information that the buyer has provided through the supplier. At the same time, another email is sent to the customer stating that his offer has been successfully received. In the back office, you can customize the email sent to the client. Other settings include:

  1. Attach a shopping cart to specific menus
  2. Customize the citation basket (dropdown menu or just a menu icon)
  3. Allow Ajax bids on product and storage pages
  4. Set up your email
  5. Activate/deactivate emails sent to the client
  6. Add/exclude summary of offers by email

Over to You…

Hopefully, you have an overview of the WooCommerce request a quote plugin, why it is essential and how it works. With these plugins, you can allow your customers to communicate with you before making a purchase. Leave us a comment if you'd like to share details about this plugin.