Choose the Right Template for Joomla

How to Choose the Right Template for Joomla

It is extremely rare to find a company that is not online today! And you need a fully functional website to increase your online presence. Once you have chosen your CMS, the next big challenge is to select the suitable template for your website.

However, from the many options, choosing the right template for your site can be challenging!
You don't want to go through the hassle of choosing a suitable template for your business. Therefore, when selecting a template, it is essential to understand what to look for clearly.

What is in a Template?

Templates add flexibility, are easily upgraded, and give consistency throughout the web page. They can be regularly updated according to technological, educational, and customer needs. They can be easily tracked and updated.
The main reason choosing a template is so important isn't because of its appearance. You can customize many aspects of the formation of the template, just what it is intended for. Choosing a template for highly crafted websites like a photographer or designer website can be a good choice for those who work for such companies, but a poor choice for a website that offers a lot of information, entertainment, or text-based advice.
Many people are wrong when they think that their website should be rich in images when it is not what they do or what they do, and they only use essential photos. Scrolling down a giant picture to navigate text content is suitable for art websites but not for websites with text reviews or tutorials.

9 Things to Consider While Choosing Joomla Template

1. Niche-Specific Template

Always choose templates that suit the nature of your business. When creating a marketing agency website, you need to select a marketing agency Joomla template.
Templates save time by customizing your website according to your needs. When choosing a different template, it's hard to decide which section to display through the WooCommerce product video plugin, where, and how. However, if you choose a niche-specific template, you already know ​​how to place your content.

2. Careful with free templates

First, take care of the free templates. The best sources for free templates are the free versions that many business template providers offer to explore their services. They are usually reliable. You can find other free templates in Spam Downloads. However, they are generally free because they contain spam or malware. Always ask yourself: why should this template be free?

3. Reliable Template Provider

It is essential always to use a trusted company template to get reliable customer support. If something goes wrong with your website, they will at least know where to get help. Some of them are pretty large, but there are also small template clubs with perfect templates. Here are some excellent reasons to choose a reliable template provider:
Support: If you have any problems with the template, you can request assistance through the forum or email. This will ensure that you will never get blocked.
Documentation: Most vendors provide extensive documentation on how to use and customize their templates. They also offer sample packages with full-featured template installations that you can use as a reference or even a starter for your website.
Online reputation: Reliable service providers usually have an excellent online reputation. When you surf the Internet, you can often find many user reviews or forum posts about them.

4. Customization

Don't forget the customization! Joomla is known for its ease of customization. Often, the template you choose isn't flexible enough to set it up. Sometimes templates prevent changes and do not align with plugin integration as plugins can enhance the site's functionality like WooCommerce pre-order is essential to get engaged with customers. So try to choose a template for your Joomla website design that allows you to easily change or update the content and design of the template.

5. Necessary Features

You can find a variety of niche-specific templates. Compare the features of each offer separately. Do a little research and determine which template is best for your needs. Make sure the template you choose has a wide variety of features and includes standard features like SEO optimization, translation, step-by-step drag and drop, and more.

6. Responsiveness & Cross-browser Compatibility

If you buy a not responsive template or optimizes it for mobile phones, you are wasting your money. Before you buy a template, make sure it's mobile-responsive. If not, never participate. It would help if you also had a cross-browser that works perfectly with all major browsers, such as Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and so on.

7. SEO and Performance

If SEO and performance are (and should be) important to you, make sure your preferred template provider takes them into account. You must write your code efficiently and keep abreast of the latest developments in Google.
If the template clubs tend to update templates and quick with these changes, everything will be fine. One example is the microdata changes introduced in Joomla 3.2 and 3.3. Templates had to be updated to reflect this feature. Trusted vendors were able to deliver these updates within days or weeks of the Joomla update. In addition, efficient coding usually results in faster loading of websites.

8. Latest & Updated Version

Always check your update history. If the template is updated frequently, the developer is taking the template seriously and regularly working to improve it. If there are no updates available after the template is published, never use it. Always choose a template that is updated frequently. So always make sure you are using the latest version of Joomla and other extensions before buying.

9. Support Policy

Whatever template you choose, you may sometimes need help. Usually, most developers offer support and updates within a few months of purchase. You can also upgrade to continue sponsorship. However, you want to confirm it. See the support and refund policies on the developer's website.

Final Take

There is no denying that Joomla is one of the most successful management systems today! According to recent research, this is the second most popular CMS after WordPress. A website project template can be a great asset if you can find a template that fits your needs, and it can be a disaster if you choose the wrong template for your website. So consider all of the above when choosing a Joomla template for your website.