Joomla Tips and Tricks

5 Joomla Tips and Tricks That We Need to Know

Joomla is considered as an open-source platform where websites and applications can be created and enhanced easily. It is known as the content management system (CMS) that would be able to connect your site to MySQL. This is done to make content management and delivery easier for managers and visitors.

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Let’s discuss the five Joomla tips and tricks that we must need to know, and that will help us to teach the best techniques of knowing about Joomla.

We can Re-Install Joomla and save system information easily:
Joomla can be installed easily, you just need to take an “installation” folder and remove the “configuration.php” file from the remaining installation. Hence then the installation would be completed easily.
Another far easier step is saving system information, PHP settings, or information as text, folder permission, or configuration file.

Reorganizing admin password:

Joomla admin password

If you have forgotten the password, then you don’t need to worry about it. Because you can reset your password in the front end behind the URL type “index.php?option=com_users&view=reset” and then enter your email address and then you will be able to receive a password change link.
Another way is from the database where you can go to #_users table then click onto which user password you would like to change. the next step that you have to do is to enter the new password and from left select md5 then save it.

Load the module into the article:

While loading a module into another article if it has module suffix that is useful in another position then in most of the cases we don’t have the style definite by module suffix.
Hence, applying the same suffix is an easy way by adding a <space> before that suffix cause into an article. Furthermore, this suffix will not have a space like “moduletableptags” therefore, by adding a space it will be like “moduletable ptags”.

Smart Search:

Smart search is the way like when we are searching Google or other search engines then start typing our search work it will give search keyword suggestions, which is known as Smart Search.
Whereas, in Joomla, we have a component, module, and a smart search content plugin. You can search it from top of the menu bar components and then select Smart Search. 

Article info

The next tip is article info that is written by the username, category, published date, and hit count. We can change the position of the article like where it is going to be the display above article or bottom of an article.
Furthermore, we can split the article written by username, category, published date. We can also do it from going towards the Menu and clicking on the Options and then the position of article info.

Q: Is Joomla charge price or not?

Joomla doesn’t charge money for its software. It is because Joomla is a free and open-source platform or content management system. you would be able to download the latest version of Joomla anytime. Joomla will never cost any money or price for its software.

Q: Is Joomla good or not?

Joomla is known great for creating small and medium websites. Whereas, Joomla is still known as the best option of creating governmental websites that are known very useful. Joomla is considered as a beginner-friendly option as compared with Drupal.

Q: Why Joomla is better than WordPress?

In some of the ways, Joomla is more malleable as compared with WordPress. It is because it gives an amazing customizable system that would easily take any shape you want and allows to implement customizations without trusting on delays. Joomla doesn’t suggest many themes as WordPress. Joomla users find the platform more vigorous than WordPress.

Q: Can you practice Joomla and WordPress combined?

Yes, you can use Joomla and WordPress together because you can have Joomla as the main website and you would be able to use WordPress for the blog. Hence you can go for buying hosting from a good web hosting provider, they will properly try to do every best thing for you.

It is stated that Joomla has many benefits. The main important part of Joomla is because I free and an open-source platform. It allows you to use code without upsetting about money. It is easy to install and easy in reorganizing or resetting the admin password. Joomla has the best adaptability and flexibility that would help us to take any shape you want. It has SEO capabilities and an active community.