Essential Things to Know About Joomla Blog Modules

Essential Things to Know About Joomla Blog Modules

Joomla is the second largest and globally acclaimed content management system, making it the biggest rival of WordPress. You can create a blog, design it creatively, and work seamlessly with all its recent updates.

The amazing range of templates and extensions can make your blog stand out among the rest. It can help you to maintain your website as per the standard of google analytics consultation and get a good search engine ranking. Here are the essential things that you need to know about Joomla blogging module and how you work to make it unique:

K2 Blog Extension:

K2 Blog Extension

K2 extension has turned out to be one of the most popular Joomla blogging tools. It saves you money and lets you set up a fully functioning blog. This extension helps in bringing Joomla to the level of WordPress and Drupal's websites. The key features of K2 include:


Zoo Extension

The zoo is more than a blogging platform. It let you create a catalog system since it comes with eight built-in apps that facilitate the process. It includes everything you need, such as item manager, media manager, tag and comment system, template manager, custom posts options, editing, frontend submission, and element library. Its more features are:
You can create many things such as a cookbook, product catalogs, business directory, documentation site, a movie database, and much more.

RS Blog:

RS Blog

This one is another famous Joomla extension that is being extensively used by the blogger these days. Its innovative features are what makes it popular. Here is what you need to know about its key features:



CJBlog is a very useful Joomla extension that is available for free in the market. It is a complete social blogging package for the users. The best part is, it can store all articles as standard Joomla articles and even if you uninstall the extension, all your content will remain saved. Its key features are:

Easy Blog:

Easy Blog

This is another very unique and premium Joomla extension. Its drag and drop feature lets people create their block without any technical ambiguities. You can make your post more interesting by experimenting with the layout. Features that make this one interesting include:

To Sum it up!

Joomla provides you with a lot of features and extensions that can make your blog creation a lot easier and up to the current standard of the digital world. All you need is to make the right pick when it comes to extensions.